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  • zoopedup on 25/05/2010 16:20:29
    We just launched the Zoopedup chatroom!! Look for 'Chat' in the navigation above!
  • ajd on 23/03/2010 13:49:53
    Sup dude. Shot for adding me. Hows things going?
  • ash69er on 29/01/2010 16:20:33
    hey man news about the bumpers in my latest blog!! enjoy your weekend bro
  • ash69er on 28/01/2010 11:57:52
    hey man its apleasure!! anything to help hey!! what made you decide to go old school??
  • *z3r0* on 27/01/2010 09:34:09
    Cool no probs dude! Hope you get sorted out! Hava gr8 day!
  • *z3r0* on 21/01/2010 13:53:18
    Hey dude whats up? See you looking for oldschool chrome bumpers for the golf, speak to ash69er think he made a blog or has a contact who makes those. Hope it helps..
  • zoopedupgirls on 25/11/2009 15:47:54
    Hi, Sorry for being so quiet. It's been so hectic here lately! How you been doing?
  • *z3r0* on 14/10/2009 12:19:11
    Oh ok kewl man!
  • *z3r0* on 13/10/2009 08:14:33
    Thanx man! So when you putting up some more pics of the uno & who's golf is that?
  • rayman on 09/10/2009 15:21:33
    Thanks for the add!! Car looks clean!!
  • *z3r0* on 09/10/2009 13:50:24
    Sup dude see you back 3rd tym round hey haha! How you bro? Car is looking stylish!
  • bondjames on 02/10/2009 16:36:42
    hey kar lyk goed man
  • zoopedupgirls on 23/09/2009 12:20:38
    Lol. Do you keep on deleting us?
  • Barrys-wp on 21/09/2009 15:15:53
    Hey, Hey, Hey! If anyone is looking to join Zoopedup Car club or is just looking for ZU Gear, Drop me a message and I'll hook you up!
  • Zoopedup on 21/09/2009 15:15:53
    Watsup, welcome to the Zoopedup online garages! Add some photos, post a blog and upload a video! If you have any feedback, praises or bugs please mail them to
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