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Getting Bored in my office
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Ride: Honda Civic Vtec
Engine: 1800cc Petrol
Aspiration: Normally Aspirated
Power: 142KW, 0NM ATW
Drive wheels: Front Wheel Drive

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Location: Durban, South Africa
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Official Member: YES
Ethnicity: Indian
Views: 765

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  • hey buddy.... hope alls well...Join us on our Go-Karting krooze..30/11..check out my Blogs...See you there !!! Prizes up 4 grabs 4 the fastest time
    SASH2NV-ZN on 26/11/2010
  • We just launched the Zoopedup chatroom!! Look for 'Chat' in the navigation above!
    zoopedup on 25/05/2010
  • Hey bud thx for the add!!! BMW FTW!!!!
    rayman on 15/03/2010
  • Hey there:) welcome to Zoopedup:) Thanks for accepting and have a great day :)
    shawty on 15/03/2010
  • Hey, Hey, Hey! If anyone is looking to join Zoopedup Car club or is just looking for ZU Gear, Drop me a message and I'll hook you up!
    Barrys-wp on 12/03/2010
  • Watsup, welcome to the Zoopedup online garages! Add some photos, post a blog and upload a video! If you have any feedback, praises or bugs please mail them to
    Zoopedup on 12/03/2010

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