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By allrounder 1 MAR, 2012


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  • whats the clubs name?

    By TRD.TOY.GP 38 months ago

  • someone opened a new club thats y jozi is dead

    By Cassy 38 months ago

  • I sent Shawn-D a mail this morning with the details for Heenens (Nitrocrew) show this Saturday, im not sure if he got the mail yet but I asked him to check if we could round up a few zoopies to attend this show, even if its just for half an hour, lets hope he can get one or two guys to attend just so that theres some kinda showing from Zoopedup, well I’ll be there repping ZU if anyone wants to join the show starts at 4pm, its in Honeydew, Roodepoort-Honeydew Shopping Centre | Corner of beyers naude and blueberry str…peace…

    By Zainiac_187 38 months ago

  • Missing the old days

    By Raptor2010 38 months ago

  • Looong story this dude! But yeah seems like it, if we can get a few guys together & go to shows do it! I have just been so busy since December dont have the time to go to shows, but the Beetle is finished now & she needs to see a show or to & earn a trophy, so looking forward to what shows are on sometime this month...

    By *Z3R0* 38 months ago

  • lol @ Willie, glad that decals came so quick hey ;-D

    By Zuester 38 months ago

  • he he , i must admit , it's the first time i saw thor with zoopedup decals on !! and it's looking great ! all the luck and joy to stefan , he like to be in the game and going to attend all the events there is..

    By HEMI_SHAKER 38 months ago

  • i saw stefan try to get the zoopies together to attend the events with him , but yes true , seems there is no interest in gp no more.. i know he is going to heenen (nitro crew event) on saturday and then to the lenz one on sunday !

    By HEMI_SHAKER 38 months ago

  • Well...nothing to lose interest in really!

    By chaos24 38 months ago