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Whats the best chip for my 325i e30?

By Sheranm5 18 AUG, 2011

Im thinking of putting a chip on my car,any suggestions on what chip too put?and is there such a thing as a twin chip?

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  • whenever i hear E30 and chip then the black widow jumps to mind and i get that silly smile thinking back..... dunno if you still get it though but was available mostly in some tuners and find out... my buddy just sold his E30 with a black widow chip in as well and that thing was a monster!!!!!!!!!!

    By speeddemon 43 months ago

  • The car has branches

    By Sheranm5 43 months ago

  • what other supporting mods would you have for the chip or is the car stock? id suggest branch/exhaust induction first.

    By Anarchy86 43 months ago

  • Contact Matt120d on this site he specialised in BMW electronics. He also chipped my car and it runs awesome. Remember, to get the best benefits from a chip in a N/A car, you need to also do a freeflow and some form of induction, otherwise the motor stays restricted and your gains will be minimal.

    By menno11 43 months ago

  • chiplogic for power

    By OTA-CTRL 43 months ago

  • dastek unichip!!!

    By lilgoosen29 43 months ago

  • I suppose if you bought 2 of the same chips from the same batch they'd be twins:)

    By Rooben.G 43 months ago