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What lowering kit to get?

By Zaheer16 16 DEC, 2011

Sup zoopies,

I trust u guys are enjoying the start of the long weekend...

On to my issue, i currently have a koenic lowering kit (40mm drop) with monroe gasryders.
I got the 40mm drop about 2-3 yrs ago. But now the ride is sometimes uncomfortable when the road isn't forgiving. It also sits slightly higher (i would like the arch to just sit above the tyre, and arches have been rolled).

I was thinking, should i get shortened shocks? i was told, these are only required for a 60 mm drop? How much will they cost?

Or should I get an Eibach kit? and if i do, keep the shocks? Price?

I am in Cape town.

I currently have 17s on, narrows and wides, with 205/40/17 tyres.

I appreciate your feedback..


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  • Ditch the 17s for a 60/40 drop on my mk2 jetta with 15s and shortened shocks in de front only...ride is decent and it retains power compared to when i had the 17s on..

    By MKII 35 months ago