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uploading prob

By ikraam11 15 JAN, 2012

every time i try to upload my profile pic they tell me ''something went wrong'' dont know what to do

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  • Blog awards 2012 here we come... LoL!!!

    By Sub-Zero 40 months ago

  • hahaha i say nothing

    By robertg 40 months ago

  • i can upload pics but just cant upload profile pics.thats weird

    By ikraam11 40 months ago

  • Got an email today that they are looking at it. Sent the personal email Saturday, good response time i think, should be fixed soon guys.

    By Mr_Sandman 40 months ago

  • The notifications arent working AGAIN.

    By slongo 40 months ago

  • on every blog u have written i wrote that there is still a issue with this and u havent ever come back... i guess it just went over your head hey....

    By robertg 40 months ago

  • Damn, we fixed that issue, let me test.. will resolve the issue by tomorrow. Can you upload pics to blogs?

    By zoopedup 40 months ago

  • The issue has been brought forward to the Mods and Charl himself-why its not yet sorted out I dont know.I think you will have to sit and wait, they will fix it whenever

    By slongo 40 months ago

  • SAME!!

    By PistolJay 40 months ago

  • keeps happening to me whenever i try upload pics of my mods

    By Mazda777 40 months ago

  • aw cool i thought it was just me.thanks guys

    By ikraam11 40 months ago

  • same here. The site has been giving a lot of problems lately.

    By riaandt 40 months ago

  • Same thing happens to me. I have been meaning to change my pic for a long while now.

    By Mr_Sandman 40 months ago