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By gotas1 2 APR, 2012

just a question which brand holds more records at sound offs , iasca ,is it targa,starsound , Rockford audio pipe ,pioneer, dd,xtc jl audio ,mtx just to name a few cause what i have notice your so called expensive brands RF ect get their butts kicked by the cheaper so called brands targa and starsound just need more advise pls

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  • Hey bud, if you want to upgrade, i have a great deal on audio pipe for you. Check out my last blog. Shawn and Clinton from zakspeed can wouch for this deal. Check my last blog and give me a shout.

    By flipper 37 months ago

  • Truly speaking RF is more for SQ guys, if you want pavement pounding then go for the stuff Shawn mentined bellow. You are forgetting Ground ZERO guys-they flippin strong believe me

    By slongo 37 months ago

  • thanks bra i need to seriously upgrade and i m looking for quality ,i think audiopipe is what i am looking at this moment its my first choice but still looking at other stuff too ,just needed some opinions

    By gotas1 37 months ago

  • Thats right, RF was never meant to take trophies bro. SS & Targa will outrun RF like mad!I know Speed&sound had results of the leading brands in the iasca shows etc. Mainly it was Targa, SS, RA, Pioneer, DD & no RF anywhere in that list, (which is good) ha hah ha.

    By Shawn-D 37 months ago

  • Results for Team Star Sound: Stock 1: Ranesh 157.9 (WR) Stock 2: Tiger 159.5 (1st in class) Stock 3: Tony 160.5 (WR) ( I stand corrected on figure but was 160+) Stock Pro 1 : Poomesh TNT 160.1 (WR) (Verified by Wayne) Advanced No walls 1 : Neel 158.8 Advanced 1 : Avi 164.6 Ultimate: Shady Cardio 170.1 Team Targa - Targa Audio ,---THE PEOPLES BRAND. ... sweep for you guys loudest bass boxing and spl car for the season , 175.9 db is crazy off one woofer this was 27 fed 2012 if there is any other info pls let me know

    By gotas1 37 months ago