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Starsound 4600w Monoblock amp & Digital Split system FOR SALE!

By arsonist 5 MAR, 2009


I have a Digital Starsound SSC-6.5-3 Split system built into a custom vinyl backboard to fit in a Golf Mk1.
*One of a kind.
*Quality is superb and clear.
*SQ competition series split system.
*350w RMS.
*2x 6.5inch woffer. *2x 4inch middrange.*2x Tweeter. *2x Digital Crossover.
Price: R1500 neg. Cash only please.

Also have a Starsound SSA-S1A-4600 Mosfet . Class AB. Monoblock amp.
Currently Running 2x Audiopipe TXX F12 Subs.600w RMS each.
1 Ohm Stable. @1 ohm RMS ratting is 1500w
2 Ohm ratting is1200w RMS
4 Ohm ratting is 900w RMS
Very powerfull amp.
Did a 141.7 Db's @ SPL with the amp running at just above half gain.
Price: Make an offer. Cash only please.

Take everything and I will give you a Lighting Audio 1F CAP Free.
Contact Sven @ 079-516-5374. Email:


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  • I will give you R1200 but dont want the board.

    By Mr_Snoekums 55 months ago

  • I want the amp...but I also want money..which ever comes first! 9 is a bit low. Got an offer for R1500.

    By arsonist 74 months ago

  • howzit ill givr you 9clip for the amp? dunno how much they go for but hey its a try. need to run two targa streed 4d's

    By silentLamb 74 months ago

  • Nice if only I had the cash

    By Mangole 74 months ago

  • i would know.......heard it last friday remember

    By ZieK 74 months ago

  • Yes the Split system does not fit anymore and looking for a stronger amp... Everything works perfect!

    By arsonist 74 months ago

  • Upgrading i take it??

    By ZieK 74 months ago