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By 60-40-Drop 15 MAR, 2012

Hi guys. I got a 92 Golf one. I had Razor springs (60-40) and the ride went horrible. I then Put back my original springs and compressed them cause i heard that because its original springs, the ride will improve. Im sick and tired of hearing different stories. what is the chances of my ride being improved if I take my car to Stable Rides..


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  • man is right, 40mm is almost a drop...however SPRINGRITE in ptn lowered my car (custom made springs, mazda astina)and their workmanship is good and i had nott good but better ride quality stableride spring centre made me up a set of springs for a golf 1 that i have previously owned and i wasnt impressed at all and also have compressed springs with stableride agen on a another owned car and their work is less than satisfactory

    By mazdasport_evo_1 37 months ago

  • unfortunately no matter what springs you put, nothing will give you a great ride if you want to be low. it always be a compromise, not even making springs will guarantee you this. anything lower than 4o has its downside. but we all know 40mm is only near a drop. everybody got their opinion on this issue. theres no definite answer. theres too manny factors to take into account

    By mazdasport 37 months ago

  • did my drop with originals @ Stableride, no problems.

    By TEEZ-O 37 months ago