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something funny....but random

By audiopipe-boy 19 MAR, 2010

So today im driving on the way to college pounding my sound system and i stop at a red robot and this white toyota Yaris starts to open their window so i drive forward to say wats up and their sitting in the drivers seat is this really really old woman ,so imediatly i turn the system off so i dont disturb her and she tells me "no, turn it back up it sounds great" .Idont know about all you zoopies but usually old people tell me sh?t....

I think it was so funny wat about you zoopies have you ever been in that situation?
And tell me what you yhink about that situation that I was in?

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  • I saw a Zooped up car (with ZU stickers) driving down Durban road the other day, sped up to say hello, and saw a 70+ lady driving the car!!! Bit shocked, but immediately thought it was her grand son's car. But then again, why can't grannies be in the club?

    By menno11 61 months ago

  • haha cool tannie then. i had episode with some old man in a bakkie ripping me off bout my sound and music, told him straight, sorry im not as old as you, let me enjoy my youth lol

    By disturbedA3 61 months ago

  • The ones I met they always look at me with an evil eye

    By slongo 61 months ago

  • we myt do the same wen we older lol ..

    By SASH2NV-ZN 61 months ago

  • hahahahahahahaha She might loook old but young at heart ..i have had the same experiance ..i was playing 80z music lol .... :)

    By SASH2NV-ZN 61 months ago