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Selling my 18" Stamfords

By xanther 16 MAR, 2012

Selling my 18" Stamford SO42 Twins + 3 tires
Fits the common 4/100 PCD as well as the rare 4/114.3 PCD for cars such as Volvo T4, Nissan S13

Rims were professionally powdercoated satin black by Procoat, was done not long ago so there are no scratches at all on the powdercoating except for some unfortunate curb rash to the one rim i got a week before i took the rims off, it’s not bad (about 4cm scratch) and you can try patch it up with satin paint, or have it re-powdercoated for about R120

Tires are 225/40/18 Kenda Kaiser’s, very grippy, really practically almost new however one has sidewall damage and needs to be replaced so there are 3 almost new tires

I am also selling my set of tuner nuts which you will need if you will be using the 4/114.3 lug holes as normal wheel nuts will not fit, includes a set of lock nuts with key. Set goes for about R400 from Autostyle, selling mine for R300

Rim specs >
Size: 18"x7.5"
Hole: 4x100, 4x114.3
Offset (mm): 35
X-factor: 38
Hub height: 50
Lip depth: 50.8
Centre bore: 73

Selling the wheels because i sold the car i had them on, and they will unfortunately not fit on my new car, asking for R6500. Just drop me a PM if you're interested

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  • Thanx man ;) yup i really love these rims, wish i could fit them to my new car.. and it cost R520 to coat all 4, including sand blasting the original clear coat off

    By xanther 36 months ago

  • Those are really nice! Im sure you will sell them in no time! If you dont mind me asking, how much did it cost you to powder coat them? thanks

    By Mazda777 36 months ago

  • And they come with Stamford centre caps, forgot to put them on when i took the pics

    By xanther 36 months ago