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re-try...mod'n weekend

By viyen_VW 21 FEB, 2012

so i was sitting around doing nothing so i decided to go about doing some minor modz around the golfie...started with the air trumpet and a sorta pipe thing for colder air...

need to find a better place to put it though

but i can stil clock 200 easier lol

just made a quick backboard coz the standard 1 was in really bad shape

and a 60/40 drop and frameless wipers

tired now...doing all the mods myself is tyring lol

peace guys

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  • this section in chatsworth...radical rides...i paid R50 for the set but apparently the price went up from that time lol

    By viyen_VW 38 months ago

  • Where did you get the frameless wipers for the golfie?

    By wyn 38 months ago

  • Haha no probs!

    By Jinxed 38 months ago

  • @slongo i filled R100 of fuel and did 108km and stil had a bit left lol... @wyn only branch, freeflow and re-map

    By viyen_VW 38 months ago

  • Is this a standard 1.6i?

    By wyn 38 months ago

  • Sweet broer, clocking it plus there is still some few revs left for you. But running out of gas"lol

    By slongo 38 months ago

  • @jinxed finally!!! i was tryna figure wer did i see that airbox mod...i jus couldnt remember...shot a lot for the idea bro

    By viyen_VW 38 months ago

  • Sup dude, nice work. Looks neat. I did the same thing to my old corsa. It loved it

    By Jinxed 38 months ago

  • niace work

    By ZieK 38 months ago

  • Nice work bud. Love the air filter idea. Happy modding :)

    By Kustom 38 months ago

  • and it works lol

    By viyen_VW 38 months ago