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Pimp my Polo Vivo

By kghlabas 12 DEC, 2012

Hi Guys,

Just recently bought a Polo Vivo for the sole purpose of pimping it and making it my fun toy. I have already put a GTI Plastic rear apron to fit the Polo GTI exhaust tailpipes i put on.

I colour coded my mirrors and door handles. I put a silver boot strip on it.

I put a 1400w Pioneer Subwoofer and a 34000w Ice Power Amp. (This is just the start of upgrading my sound).

My real issue is mags, i just cant decide what i want. I am thinking Silver 17" Rezax II wheels.

Any advice on a nice wheel to really turn heads?


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  • Thanks Guys, i really appreciate it... @nevs27, i will most definitely upload some pivtures

    By kghlabas 28 months ago

  • I agree with CB1 taking short cuts or cutting costs means endangering your safety and the safety of your car

    By nevs27 28 months ago

  • Be carefull compressing/cutting of springs. Dont mess around with tempered steel it could colapse or even snap the spring. If you gona lower it buy propper springs.

    By Cb1 28 months ago

  • i compressed my STANDARD spring 40mm all round and its ridin like stock! so there is a easier way to get a good ride and have that mad stance

    By ikraam11 28 months ago

  • You should load some pics bud, so everyone can have a look at the progress you making and possibly offer you some advice

    By nevs27 28 months ago

  • If its lower its gona ride harsher. If you gona run a 80mm drop with a 19"mag its gona ride heavy harsh. But a 40mm drop with a 15" wheel should be more than exeptable for everyday use. Get Hid's

    By Cb1 28 months ago

  • Hi, thanks for the advise, it's really appreciated. what makes me scared is if i drop the car, will i not lose ride comfortability? i've got a friend who dropped his GTI 6 and although it looks good and handles better, it's not the most comfortable ride. Sick rides by the way gents!! i must say, i'm inspired!!

    By kghlabas 28 months ago

  • theres alota cool bodykits for the vivo and they look hot. i think rezax will look sick, but you cant put rims without a nice drop

    By ikraam11 28 months ago

  • I saw a polo at vw benoni. It had 15" steel wheels on , it had a hectic drop(at least 60mm) and had the headlights wrapped in yellow tint. It maby sounds stupid but the complete package looked awesome. Polo was black

    By Cb1 28 months ago