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Need HELP: Owner Certificate

By Dakyne 20 MAR, 2012


Hope someone can help me. I bought a motorcycle from a guy, we setup a small contract, but i have not received the owner certificate from him. I am struggeling to get it, i just think his to busy to go to the traffic department. I went to traffic department and everything is fine with bike [registerd on correct name, legal, etc.] but i cant transfer it without that document.


Is there a way around this? Or do i send him some kinda of legal document to maybe get his ass going?


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  • sorted ! we can have a coke sometime bud !

    By HEMI_SHAKER 35 months ago

  • You can go to the licence dep and get a Police Clearance Form, then you have to go to the police station and get an affidavit stating you have tried to get this log book with no luck.. Do police clearance takes like 20 min.. all they do is check engine and chassis number and then they stamp the form. then you can go back to the licence dep and they will issue you a new log book. also take the contract that states you baught the bike from that guy, it will help.

    By Botha 35 months ago

  • Sell the bike back!?!?! You must be crazy!!! Thats probably what he wants cause i bought it for same price what Yamaha wants to give him. Maybe he made a mistake and is regretting it.. Id rather keep it illegally then!! But first im accepting willie`s help. Lets see where this goes.

    By Dakyne 35 months ago

  • Thats a spirit Willie we need people like you for sure @Darkyne you can always send back the bike and demand your money back one time

    By slongo 35 months ago

  • send me a mail with details i will get it for you

    By HEMI_SHAKER 35 months ago