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My VW Caddy Bakkie - Pics

By SASH2NV-ZN 10 NOV, 2010

Hey guys

heres some pics of my 2Litre 8valve Caddy
Branch, exhaust, Go-Tech, 276 Cam, 40mm Drop in front
i took out the Side Drafts and put MP9 injection

made 120KW with 180NM of Torque

i jus need a VW MK1 Cluster with a rev counter, anybody has 1 for sale?

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  • haha it was undercover bru lol

    By SASH2NV-ZN 53 months ago

  • I didnt know u have a caddy bro???? and a fcuken nice one too!!!!

    By tsovociti 53 months ago

  • thanks ThoR :)

    By SASH2NV-ZN 53 months ago

  • looking great !!

    By THOR01 54 months ago

  • On the Wheel bro .....

    By SASH2NV-ZN 54 months ago

  • Nice! is the power on the wheel or fly wheel?

    By JjEatsPie 54 months ago

  • hehe Goblin Bro is a BM

    By SASH2NV-ZN 54 months ago

  • hey Buddy...hope u well..sorrry man but Sidedrafts got sold the day i took it out lol ..hard to find good 2nd hand ones

    By SASH2NV-ZN 54 months ago

  • What happened to the side drafts. Looking at buying for my ride.

    By arsonist 54 months ago


    By GOBLIN 54 months ago

  • Shot TEEZO il give them a call ..thanks Man :)

    By SASH2NV-ZN 54 months ago

  • try GOLFNET in PHNX call Wayne on 073 819 1599 or 031-500 3303 33 Cotford Place

    By TEEZ-O 54 months ago

  • nice and neat...

    By OTA-CTRL 54 months ago

  • hahah Reaper Ranz my Bru !!! lol...ay well...haha now im a fan of Both VDUB and of bith worlds lol ...

    By SASH2NV-ZN 54 months ago

  • Thanks Z3R0 buddy..... Hey Jo..have tried them bud...they said they dont stock those ...ive got a Velo Tank that im not using so gonna swop the tank with some1 for a Cluster ...

    By SASH2NV-ZN 54 months ago

  • Have you tried golfwagen or goldwagen Sash. Nice cabby dude.

    By jomacher 54 months ago

  • Very cool caddy Sash!

    By *Z3R0* 54 months ago