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My Sound Install in Bakkie!! :):)

By MisterJP01 12 OCT, 2011

Hai guys..

So here is some pics of the install in the bantam... The pics not gr8 but believe me need to see this install in real life so so sweet install..Soz bakkie is abit dirty..

Here is some pics of boks holding the Subs.. View from inside bakkie!(That bar infront of boks can be removed and inserted just as i want it... Cup holder that)

From canopy view

The amp and splitsystem(amps under the seats so cant really see them)

When in car you never can see a wire or anything looks like car was made with this sound.. And believe me it pumps like mad... Just still cant turn bass up all the way infact not at all need Bigger power.. Battery dies... and need 4G cabling i recon!!

Let me know what u think of install...

This was done by Autosound Gezina

Greetings mIsterJP

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  • @Mazda still running same 8g and believe it pumps pumps now... only prob was there was something wrong with 1 of fuses in setup..... @exe yeah still have to put on Db reading cant w8 to see what it does!!

    By MisterJP01 42 months ago

  • Quick One What db's reading you getting just for interest sake ? must be about 142/143

    By exe 42 months ago

  • Very good Install atleast to change the wiring shouldn't be to difficult

    By exe 42 months ago

  • @JP01. hey bro, sorry if offended you, and i aint putting anybodys work down or your setup. i just believe in things being done right the first time, thats all. and thats not your fault, thats the fault of the installer who didnt give you the correct advice, making a plan and making things work is just dangerous, and unprofessional.

    By mazdasport 42 months ago

  • Ota Mazda abdul did offer me 4g i just coundt afford it at the time so that my bad... Gr8 work he has done awesome install!!

    By MisterJP01 42 months ago

  • hey man, good install, but how can the person that installed it, supply you cabling that even run the sound up. thats silly if you ask me, and if your battery is unable to supply the power needed, he should have advised you correctly. Im with OTA here,,,

    By mazdasport 42 months ago

  • mayb its those expensiv cables you put thats not carrying enuf power... ask the installer to calculate for you what the cross sectional area of the cable should be for the power you are required to deliver....

    By OTA-CTRL 42 months ago

  • nice!!!

    By OTA-CTRL 42 months ago

  • Awesome sound install!

    By JjEatsPie 42 months ago

  • That Shawn buddy.... And splits and other amp is LA so it very very good price after all the time i spent looking for best price and place!!

    By MisterJP01 43 months ago

  • Nice bro, R7770 is not much specially for RA including the install hey.

    By Shawn-D 43 months ago

  • Robert would love to i can make anything after 7th of november if all goes well with my excams!

    By MisterJP01 43 months ago

  • nice! would have been nice to hear on the 9th! next one is in witbank!!! see u there hopefully!!!

    By robertg 43 months ago

  • Hai slongo not att all hey man... Well with all the equiment everything 7770 bucks that is very cheap believe me... Need to clean car asap

    By MisterJP01 43 months ago

  • It looks nice, how much you paid for the whole install if you dont mind me asking?

    By slongo 43 months ago