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My project. Peugeot 206 GTI 180/RC 130kw/180bhp

By Rocco2 13 DEC, 2012

This is my car. I'm from Joburg, but i have been living in New Zealand for the past 5 years now almost.

Just a little project. When this is done i'm getting a 2011 Ford Focus ST. (Still keeping this though)

2004 Peugeot 206 GTI 180/RC 130kw/180bhp

Future plans:

17'' Deep dish rims/ or 17'' OZ Superturismo Rims
Coilover Suspension
Custom ECU remap
Cat Cams
Custom Exhaust
Some newer back and front lights - But nothing too hectic.
K & N Typhoon intake
Renault Laguna Front Lip Spoiler
RC Badge (In other parts of Europe the GTI 180 is sold as the RC, so i just think the RC badge will look nicer - Same car)

It already has:
Refurbished Calipers
Full Sony Xplod Sound System
17'' Koya RSS Rims

So yeah, just gonna keep it nice and clean, i don't wanna do too much on it bodywise, might even leave the standard rear lights as is.

After this is done i want to keep it, and then i want to look at getting a 2011 Ford Focus ST/ or XR8 as it is called in New Zealand. Always wanted a turbo car, and the Ford Focus sounds mean.

Here are a few photos of my 206:

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  • Sorry yes i know the difference. I meant XR5. The focus st is called xr5 in NZ.

    By Rocco2 27 months ago

  • Neat mate. The Focus is a Focus, British made and not called an XR8, that is the Falcon in NZ. Think you may be slightly confused a bit. BTW, the Falcon BA FPV XR6 Turbo runs like a bat out of hell. I bought one for my wife a while ago

    By Jollyjumper 27 months ago

  • looks good

    By thepot 27 months ago

  • Nice one

    By nevs27 27 months ago

  • Sweet ride!

    By Cb1 27 months ago

  • Hot!

    By JayJayEish 27 months ago

  • Looks neat dude.

    By JaydenST 27 months ago