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By a9lator 14 OCT, 2011

Hey peeps been a very long time, since i was here.
well i got a new old ride this past sunday.
it is a 97 Chico. 2.0 MP9
Velo seats and door pads, tilt and slide sun roof.
only thing now is i am waiting to get a nice set of wheels.

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  • Congrats ... looks really slick

    By dbnplayboy 43 months ago

  • COngrats on the new cabbie dude!

    By *Z3R0* 43 months ago

  • but if you want the power and economy, keep the 14s

    By mazdasport 43 months ago

  • still in quite good condition man, nice

    By mazdasport 43 months ago

  • brings back memories my citi96 looked exact, dont know y i got rid of it

    By BJCROOKES 43 months ago

  • Congrats bru ...... i wish you a million miles of smiles

    By leonobe 43 months ago

  • jj ru talkin about the Cti rims i hav on the car in the pic? They are 14s bru.but not sure if i will sell them.

    By a9lator 43 months ago

  • nice. are you selling the 15" rims?

    By JjEatsPie 43 months ago

  • just waiting now to put in my subs and wire up the new amp a bought. the amp is a xtc 8500w block, costed me 1grand. going auto style tomorrow morning to get me a pair targa 12 inch street series. lets hope this setup can make some serious bang.

    By a9lator 43 months ago

  • thanks guys. tso: she pulls very nyc. i dont even have to pull the gears once in 5th i can play around, no need to drop gears to pick up speed. but might put a mild cam or maybe throttles. but nothing hectic because this is an everyday car mainly to work and back.

    By a9lator 43 months ago

  • NICE!!! how does she pull?

    By tsovociti 43 months ago

  • True. Retro looks great on mrk 1s

    By Mr_Sandman 43 months ago

  • Congratz bro!!! all the best with her!!

    By Hoosier_Daddy 43 months ago

  • looks ok mate. Congrats. a nice retro look wheel will do it justice.

    By Stevo 43 months ago