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Kia modding ideas

By exe 19 OCT, 2011

I like


i like

And does Anyone know where i can get lights like this

Any Ideas Will Be Appreciated need to make this car stand out

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  • I like the bodykit in the second pic, but with a drop and the wheels of the third pic. Agree with CorsaREV that that wing will also look lekker.

    By menno11 43 months ago

  • I'd go with the black interior and add silver bits here and there, since the car is black. And the sound layout is better in the last small pic than the one with the blue. the rear lights on the gallery #1 pic is also cool, or buy Laminex from autostyle to smoke the rear lights a lil bit.

    By CorsaREV 43 months ago

  • Interior is just sound layout everything will be black and maybe silver

    By exe 43 months ago

  • i think the pic with the blue lights and that type of bodykit! Maybe the next pic's bootwing. I'm not liking the interior too much hey.

    By CorsaREV 43 months ago