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fly wheel

By mphelad 29 SEP, 2010

Please assist on my honda i need to change a clatch plate and fly wheel...which one do i have to install...

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  • Get the whole kit bra, but you need to take it out and go buy it at the spares shop.Luk is a good brand up to this far

    By slongo 55 months ago

  • It's quicker, easier and less expensive in the long run to just fit new clutch kit. And skim the flywheel as well. You'll love it plus your clutch will feel so light.

    By Ice180 55 months ago

  • Yo dude. It's advisable to just fit a clutch kit and just skim the flywheel. For your car it shouldn't be too expensive but trust me, you want to get the kit. If you get the parts one by one they will not match and you'll have a jerk on your clutch.

    By jomacher 55 months ago