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  • from "TO JOLLY JUMPER" to 'MERCURY LIVE', i party there all the time, but wheres the TO JOLLY JUMPER

    By PistolJay 46 months ago [Remove]

  • ooh bliksem.wrong blog. WTF

    By Jollyjumper 46 months ago [Remove]

  • See, a good healthy debate gets peoples interest. Now is only we can market a product like this. ;-)

    By Jollyjumper 46 months ago [Remove]

  • just sort it out man

    By 46 months ago [Remove]

  • WTF i commented on the 2011 fast car blog - how the hell did my comment end up here?????????

    By DAB 51 months ago [Remove]

  • Bugatti looks HOT, the ford fiesta is over done

    By DAB 51 months ago [Remove]

  • OTA did your blog get deleted? lol

    By Mario1 51 months ago [Remove]


    By THOR01 51 months ago [Remove]

  • Our petrol is taxed in SA and the exported fuel has no levies or taxes. These taxes in SA finance the Taxi industry. Government subsidise the Taxi industry fuel bill plus a portion of the levies on fuel goes to the road accident fund. That is why before a holiday season you will see the petrol price increase this is to compensate for the influx of road users. NB: always ask for a cash slip when putting in fuel. What happens is the petrol attendants keep these slips and give them to taxi drivers who claim more back from government on their fuel bill than what is actually owed to them so we end up paying more and more for fuel to compensate for this subsadie to the taxi industry.

    By RRR 51 months ago [Remove]

  • Thats very small, is there anyway we can get something clear.

    By slongo 53 months ago [Remove]

  • It's the insides of duvets Thor, you can get it at any Fabric shop. In Menlyn there is a called Metro Appliances, they also do fabric. You can get it there.

    By 54 months ago [Remove]

  • Tanya, don't forget to send to me for proofreading, if you still want me to proofread it.

    By jomacher 54 months ago [Remove]

  • Well, we all can dream hey. On the other hand, no-one else will have this in SA.

    By jomacher 55 months ago [Remove]

  • bra it will look gud if you do it but ja if you have the cash to do it then do it

    By MK1VR6 55 months ago [Remove]

  • Like I said, no offence intended! Nice cabby, or should I rather say 'caddy' man... neat artwork, awesome panel lines and very cool rims...

    By Collen 55 months ago [Remove]

  • um wrong blog too.... something's messed up on Zoopedup today

    By Kustom 57 months ago [Remove]

  • They look sick dude! Great choice. i like em, and in that colour they'll look awesome

    By Kustom 57 months ago [Remove]

  • never mind wrong blog.......

    By Element69 58 months ago [Remove]

  • ey Jomacher u confused the guy now, he doesnt no wat a dyno is ...

    By OTA-CTRL 58 months ago [Remove]

  • ey uh-uh at least im happy to see we all stand together :)

    By OTA-CTRL 58 months ago [Remove]

  • Its gone???

    By tsovociti 59 months ago [Remove]

  • did they delete it? some dirty shit going on here

    By robertg 59 months ago [Remove]

  • what happened now

    By robertg 59 months ago [Remove]

  • what!!! dude u really helped me out with my oil catch can the other day! not cool

    By robertg 59 months ago [Remove]

  • Better call Goldwagen then if you dont come right go to scrapyard, I dont think fixing it will help much.

    By slongo 59 months ago [Remove]