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Buying a 2nd hand engine

By Mazda777 11 JAN, 2012

Whatsup everyone, i need some advice!

I finally managed to find myself a B6i (8v) engine for my 323. This engine is becoming very rare and also sells for quite alot! I have found a guy selling his as he put the 16v in his bakkie. It has 133 000km on it and is selling for a really good price.

Its the complete engine. The b6i fits on my mounts and gbox, all i need is a new fuel tank (which i got) and ecu (will get a standard dicktator). All thats missing is the starter, but my B3 starter will work 100% on the 1600.

I want to know - what must i inspect with the engine and what questions should i ask? i know i need to take the tappet cover off and see the colour of the oil etc.

If anybody is keen to come check it out with me, that will be awsome. I live in Durban by the way and the guy selling the engine lives in Chatsworth

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