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A few girly mods

By biker_girl 20 AUG, 2010

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  • The last wheel is from a manufacturer called - HD Wheels. That actual rim is called "Spinout". You'll need to order online though... as they aren't really sold in SA

    By Kustom 35 months ago

  • Where can I get the last set of rims? This is exactly what I've been looking for... : )

    By GeenaMarie 35 months ago

  • Who sells the last set of rims? Or a website that does?

    By jodilynn 43 months ago

  • Those last 3 rims look sweet!! Mmmm.. ideas for the beetle...

    By menno11 55 months ago

  • I dig the last rim! But the Hello Kitty exhaust tip is pretty rad aswell :)

    By JjEatsPie 55 months ago

  • the last ones would look nice on my wife's car

    By Deacon 55 months ago

  • The last rim is awesome

    By Ice180 55 months ago

  • omg,,,,the only 1s that are somewhat decent are the last 3 rims

    By mazdasport 55 months ago

  • The mags with the Japanese flowers on is very hot!!! And I like the hello kitty exhaust!!! Does that make me a girly boy??? Oh sh!t...

    By Sub-Zero 55 months ago

  • Not bad at all, especially the 2 and 3 from the bottom.

    By slongo 55 months ago

  • last three dont look that bad!first three nooooooooo especially the first two modding crime.

    By Anarchy86 55 months ago