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2L 20v Turbo Conversion

By joske 19 MAR, 2012

Hi Guys and Girls

I am thinking of converting my 1.8T 20v Gti motor to a 2L 20v Turbo.

Is there someone who has done this and can you tell me at what power figure I'll be looking at after the conversion.

I would also like to know what I should be looking for in terms of what kind of pistons to use, do I change the compression? What size turbo and with that the exhaust system and intake. I spoke to a couple of guys and they all say I must get stronger conrods. What make will be strong enough? I was thinking of going with Dictator, any other suggestions and why?
If there is some other stuff I need to consider, please tell me.

Thanks guys for looking at my blog. I appreciate it.

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  • I personally think you might have problems with overheating if you bore it to a 2.0L.

    By leonobe 38 months ago

  • Why make it a 2.0, I know those 1.8 engines are very though they can handle a lot of pressure, punishment and abuse.Rather upgrade the turbo,intercooler, piping and maybe-a big maybe internals.

    By slongo 38 months ago

  • Is this the Golf 4 engine? You can ask RobertG bro, he has/had a Golfie and had some serious mods as well... But for starters by increasing displacement you'll require larger pistons, bigger injectors, bigger intercooler, bigger everything! ... It's better to be safe than sorry so stronger conrods will have to go in as more fuel will be burnt resulting in more force on the engine... Also guys said that GoTech is awesome for custom mods... but i have no opinion on this coz I have no Managment on my ride... Revised timing, ECU remap all standard...

    By Hoosier_Daddy 38 months ago

  • Well my 2L 16v is pushing 270kws

    By gtrgolf2 38 months ago